Why hire a Internachi certified Inspector?

Buying a dream home is certainly the biggest investment that an individual can ever make and the significance of this investment doesn’t just lie in the size of its investment but also in the emotional value attached with it. Certainly, one doesn’t buy a home every day, thus one must leave no stone unturned to ensure complete well-being of his/her investment in the coming years.

The best way of securing and protecting your home and the money spent on it is by, getting it insured with Home Insurance. However, before getting in touch with a great insurance agent, a home owner must get its Home Inspected by a certified and trained Home Inspector.

Home Inspection is one of the most widely used tools to make your home/property a safe insurable entity and no one does this job better than our team of Inspectors at  Cris Insurance Inspections. Our company is solely dedicated to the task of conducting Home Inspections ranging from 4 Point Inspections, Citizens Roof Certificate Inspections and Windstorm Mitigation Inspections.

We have been serving thousands of households in West Palm Beach, Broward and Miami/Dade Florida for 15 years.Our Inspector – JeffInternachi certifiedCall us today…

 At Cris Insurance Inspections, we provide our esteemed clients with the facility of hiring Internachi Home Inspectors that have a certain edge over other Inspectors. Internachi Home Inspectors are basically trained professionals that are certified by the reputed International Institute of Certified Home Inspectors, the largest non-profit organization for commercial and residential Inspectors.

Most of the people shun the idea of hiring an Internachi Home Inspector fearing the high costs of their services which is nothing but a misconception. Yes, the cost of hiring an Internachi Inspector is a little more than hiring an ordinary one but is totally worth it, after all no ordinary Inspector has such wide knowledge and expertise as an Internachi Inspector which makes them worth every penny you spend hiring on them.

It is a world renowned fact that nearly 60% of certified Home Inspectors fail to make it to the Internachi Association certification due to its high standards and qualification requirements. Such stringent rules of certification make Internachi Inspectors far more superior than their ordinary Inspectors An Internachi Inspector hired from a reputed Home Inspection company like ours, ensures standardized Inspection of every nook and cranny of your property, followed by a recommendation report that highlights the repairs and maintenance work that can be undertaken by the owner, thereby ensuring complete satisfaction of the home owner and the concerned Insurance Company.

No matter if you are a home buyer, seller or a real estate agent, hiring an Internachi Inspector is bound to serve you with numerous benefits ranging from apt future predictions, repairing estimates and replacement tasks that have the capability of transforming even your ordinary property investment into a highly lucrative one. Hiring the services of an expert Home Inspector just like the ones certified by Internachi lets you take a sigh of relief and gives every owner a sense of contentment.

Whether or not you are investing a big or a small amount in your dream home, don’t forget to hire the best professionals in the field of Home Inspections.

Hire Internachi Home Inspectors from Cris Insurance Inspections the most trusted and reliable names in the field of all different kinds of Home Inspections.

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